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Dr. Seuss Classic 33 Book Gift Set

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16.3CM*22.4CM For each Book(33 books in total)

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Decoration: Paperback

Format: 17.5 x 23.5CM

Number of pages: Most of them are about 48 pages

Language: English



【Media recommendation】

The "conceptual" popular science picture books created for preschool children are completely different from popular science books that require a higher level of reading. "Dr. Seuss: Cat Science Library in a Hat" is aimed at entry-level readers and introduces some important basic concepts of the world we live in. These concepts lay an important foundation for children to construct complex knowledge and thought systems in the future. In addition, "Dr. Seuss: Cat Science Library in a Hat" can also let young readers feel that reading is both fun and knowledge. This set of books is awesome! ——Dr. Barbara Kiefer, Professor of Children's Literature, Ohio State University

The cartoon illustrations drawn in the "Dr. Seuss: Cat in a Hat Science Library" series of books are very similar to the original "Cat in a Hat". The rhyming pairings run through the whole text. I believe I like Dr. Seuss’s "Cat in a Hat" Young readers will also love this book. The familiar writing style and wonderful and interesting story content in the book will surely attract countless readers. ——U.S. "School Library Journal"

This set of picture books uses the image "The Cat in the Hat" created by Dr. Seuss and the simple language to describe the basic concepts of animal science. In the United States, it is an important reading material to improve students' English reading ability and is recommended by the National Science Teachers Association.


【Feature introduction】

1. Dr. Seuss believes that children who are new to vocabulary should have simple stories to make them happy to read. This set of books continues the ideas of Dr. Seuss, with simple language, short sentences and small vocabulary. It is suitable for children with a certain reading foundation and is an excellent reading material for gradually mastering English.

2. This set of books has rhyme and is easy to read. The child can intuitively correspond the voice and the picture to form an early cognitive response.

3. This set of books tells interesting scientific stories, gives children a basic scientific concept, and has the effect of scientific enlightenment. Tell the facts of life in a lively and simple way, and lay a good solid foundation for the children to start thinking about complex issues.


【about the author】

Dr. Seuss, can be said to be a very popular children's picture book writer in the 20th century, and a household name in the English-speaking world. The picture books he created have bright characters, outstanding personalities, exaggerated and absurd plots, and witty language. They have been children's favorite for more than half a century. At the same time, his books have been recommended by educators to parents as a way to improve reading ability. Important reading.

Why do children’s favorite reading materials also receive teachers’ ign ,Is listed as an important reading for students to improve their reading abilit?This is related to the background in which Dr. Seuss began to create children's picture books. In the 1950s, the American education circle reflected on the phenomenon of children's low reading ability, thinking that an important reason was that the high-level reading materials that were widely used at that time were boring and uninteresting. The beginner's book by Dr. Seuss came into being. These books are used as the main reading materials, and strive to use as few simple words as possible to tell a complete story. Dr. Seuss’s rich imagination, fascinating plot and humorous, creative painting and language. Far higher than the advanced readings of the past.

While telling interesting stories, Dr. Seuss’s picture books also have a special function, that is, through these stories, children can learn English easily from interest. From simple letters, to phrases and sentences, to stories, Dr. Seuss’s picture books are also a set of excellent reading materials for children to gradually master English.