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The Ultimate Wall Climbing RC Car

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Is your child bored from those simple toy cars that they have to push around on their own? With this remote control toy car your child is not only able to control the direction of the car but where it goes, on the hard wood floor, a fluffy carpet or the wall even. This toy car is designed to be light and durable to drive on walls making it more fun for kids to play with.





  • Air remote control car accesses 2 modes with a real switch-WALL and FLOOR.
  • The principle of the vacuum system allows it to climb and run steadily on the any flat surfaces in WALL mode: including walls, ceilings, window, floors, mirrors and closets.
  • Comes with a infrared remote controller, you can full control the speeds and direction, it moves in all directions-left, right, forward, and reverse.
  • Performs tricks 360 degrees spinning at clockwise or counterclockwise when moving forward and backwards.
  • Featured with intelligent LED lights auto switch based on how you drive. The two head lights will bright when moving forward; rear lights will bright when drawing back.

Package Included:

  • rc car X1
  • remote control x1
  • USB charging cable X1